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Boeing 747-100 "City of Everett"


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A Revolutionary Aircraft
On September 30, 1968, Boeing unveiled to the world a revolutionary new aircraft, designated 747. The plane was unlike anything the world had ever seen, capable of carrying twice as many passengers as its rivals. This added capacity, coupled with the jet's relative efficiency on long-haul routes, meant that the cost of flying was lowered dramatically, finally putting air travel within the means of the general populace.
Since that time, the 747 family has become the most iconic aircraft design of all time, with its signature "hump" of a second deck. Known as "The Jumbo Jet" and "The Queen of the Skies," this aircraft has served to captivate the world as it changed the world of travel for good.
The Lego Model
To honor the legacy of this incredible flying machine, I have designed a 1:90 scale replica of the very first prototype of the 747. It includes 2952 pieces and measures 30.5 inches long with a 28.3-inch wingspan. When placed on its landing gear, it stands 9 inches tall, and when displayed on its stand, becomes an impressive 11.3 inches tall - truly an imposing sight that does justice to the immensity of the real 747.
This original aircraft, a 747-100 variant nicknamed "City of Everett" after the town where it was built, featured a unique paint scheme that has been faithfully replicated in brick form (with a few prints to clean up the lines.) Many details of the original aircraft, including its distinctive shape, notable dihedral (upward angle of the wings), wingtip antennae, and tail-mounted Auxiliary Power Unit. The model includes many functional details as well, such as fully retractable landing gear (with hinged doors that cover the wheels when retracted), extendable two-part flaps, and a hinged split rudder. The model also includes a simple, elegant display stand featuring the 747 logo. The stand has been designed to hold the aircraft at a "flare" angle, which it would assume just before landing. (The effect with flaps and landing gear deployed is stunning.)
Why Should the 747 Become a Lego Set?
For years - decades, even - the Lego Group has had a gaping hole in its product inventory where an airliner should be. Aircraft are a potent symbol of human technological achievement - machines that have united the world in a way nothing else can. The Boeing 747, meanwhile, is by far the most iconic airliner ever built - its "hump" is synonymous with long-haul flying, and the number "747" is a household name even among those who know nothing about planes. This set, with its deep connections to aviation heritage, would appeal to aircraft fans, even those who don't normally purchase Lego sets. Its extremely complicated, advanced building techniques and clean, accurate appearance would appeal to dedicated Lego fans in search of a challenge. And its iconic design - a global icon - would appeal to anybody with a love of travel.

For these reasons, please support and share this project! Let's give the Queen of the Skies the place she deserves in the lineup of official Lego sets!

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