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Modular Hardware Store


To all my the supporters of this project,

- I would like to thank you all for your support of this project over the last two months. Before this project expires, I would like to take the opportunity to ask you two final questions.

- Firstly, should I resubmit the project?

Secondly, if I do resubmit it, what should I change about the design to make it more appealling

I always appreciate constructive critisism! I value all of your opinions, so please do comment on one of my other projects with your opinion! You can find them at:

- Modular Pie Restaurant:

- Space Speeder:

Be sure to support them if you haven't already! Thanks everyone for your support!


The Adventures of The Brave Shop Owners - Part 1

  One sunny day in February, Howard the gadget shop owner was repairing some old floorboards in his shop, with help from Jeffrey, the owner of the hardware store next door. As he checked the edges of the shelves for breakages, he came across something very strange. A loose brick! How curious! Howard prodded it, to see what would happened, and it moved again. He pushed it more and more until he could reach no further. But what exactly had he done? He turned around to Jeffrey, who looked at him and shrugged.

  “Well what’s on the other side of the wall?” he asked, a smile spreading across his face. So they locked up the shop, and went round to the paint shop entrance. After removing his hat, Jeffrey volunteered to crawl through the gap next to the stairs. Carefully, he squeezed through the tight hole, and gasped at what he saw. The mobile brick had pushed a treasure map out of the wall! He carefully removed the old map, and handed it to Howard, who held it up in awe.

  “What on earth is that?” asked a voice from the top of the stairs. Howard turned, and Jeffrey looked up from where he was crawling out of the hole. It was Mike, the paint shop owner. Howard grinned.

  “It’s a treasure map, and we’re off to find the treasure.” He said, a large, mischievous smile creeping across his face.


More coming when I get to 100 supporters! Check out my other projects! Thanks guys.


My Third Project - The Space Speeder

I don't usually stray far from modular buildings, but last week I was playing around with some bricks, and I came across a nice looking design for a speeder. The Space Speeder was born. (Note, this image is not the final project.)I rebuilt it on ldd, stronger and better, and added a minifigure, and a landing platform. Check it out here, and please support!

Space Speeder:


And if you haven't already, check out my Modular Pie Restaurant:


Thanks guys! I truly believe that we can reach 10,000 supporters together!


Hidden Map Update

First of all I would like to thank everyone who has supported this project so far. In this update I have added a secret compartment to my design. This is in conjunction with my story, which is coming soon. A map is hidden in the wall in Howard's gadget shop, and in order to get it out a mobile brick can be pushed to eject a hidden map from the wall behind, which can be collected from under the back stairs. Unfortunately, this update increased the piece count to about 3005, so I had to replace some other bricks with bigger ones, to reduce the brick count. The final count is therefore 3000 bricks, the exact limit for a LEGO Ideas project.

Thanks for reading this, and look out for the first part of the story, coming soon.

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