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Welcome to my second LEGO Ideas Project! With 2997 bricks, my latest proposal for a LEGO Product is even bigger than my previous design. I have decided to keep in with the traditional design style of the Advanced Models Modular Building Sets, and I have tried to echo the design of “Fire Station (10197)” with the tiled style of the front wall. My favourite part of the building is the semi-circular window, because it gives variety to the design of the Modular Hardware Store.

I believe that this set is ideal for LEGO fans of all ages. AFOLs, TFOLs, and KFOLs alike, can all enjoy this modular building to the full.

Some stats:

  • 2997 Bricks
  • A Hardware Store
  • A ‘Gadget’ Store
  • A paint shop
  • A gym
  • 6 minifigures
  • 4 levels (including the roof)

  The ground floor of the building contains two shops. On the left is a Hardware store, indicated by the saw on the front of the shop. It sells all kinds of hardware, from axes and ropes, to spades and crowbars. Your minifigures could even buy a welder’s torch! The owner is called Jeffrey.

  On the right of the building is a ‘gadget’ shop, owned by Howard, which sells cameras, hairdryers, telephones, and much more. The telephone on the front of the shop makes sure any minifigure walking past knows what is sold there.

  In between these two shops is a short alley, which leads to two more doors. The right door leads to Mike’s paint shop, whilst the left one takes your minifigures to the gym, owned by Dolores. There are windows looking out of the back of the building, and on the sides you can spot "Designing Plate 1x2x2" a piece which is also seen as Unikitty's tail in The LEGO Movie!

  The majority of the first floor is taken up by a paint shop. This sells paint in 18 colours, and also offers buckets, brushes, and other equipment. It is run by Mike, who always wears a cap. He sits at the desk, where minifigures can pay for their items or ask for help choosing a colour. Additionally, there is a sofa for minifigures to sit on while they wait. This is very useful when parents bring their minifigure kids! They can look out of the arched window and see what’s going on in the street outside, particularly in the Modular Pie Restaurant (my previous project) on the other side of the road.

  Returning to the ground floor, your minifigures can try the other door. This one leads to the reception of the gym. Here, Dolores, the owner and receptionist, will greet you. The whole room is designed around a blue, white, and grey colour scheme. The furniture here is designed to be as sleek and flowing as possible.

  At the back of the room there is a staircase leading to the gym itself, which occupies the whole of the second floor. Once your minifigures have signed in with Dolores, they can join Michelle and Anthony on the top floor. Michelle and Anthony are a fitness-mad couple who spend a lot of time keeping healthy and exercising at the gym. If your minifigures are new to the gym then these two can show you the changing rooms, the pool, the weights, the treadmills, and the exercise balls. The changing room roof comes of in a module.

  As your minifigure walks up the second staircase to the gym, they may notice a ladder going up the wall. This leads to the roof, which has a skylight on it. Whilst the roof is designed simply for the minifigs to look after the skylight, who knows what else they could use it for! Perhaps they could even have parties up there!

  Of course, a project is never complete without minifigures. This design includes six: Jeffery, Howard, Mike, Dolores, Michelle, and Anthony. Take a look at the pictures above to see what they look like! All of them have a simple smiling face, the classic smile. This is common of most LEGO Modular Building Sets, as is the lampost on the street outside. 

  Two last things:

  1. The Easter egg on Anthony’s torso is a reference to the LEGO Space theme. But there is one more Easter Egg - can you spot it? Post your answer on the comments tab, and I will reveal who got it right when I reach 250 supporters!
  2. I will release the first part of a story about the characters in this model when it reaches 50 supporters. As it goes on I will release more parts! In the meantime, Happy Bricking!

So that’s it from me. Now it’s all down to you! Support and follow the Modular Hardware Store if you want to see this made into an official LEGO product!


Thanks everyone!



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