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Modular Pie Restaurant


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Pie Restaurant 

by TheL390Man

Prepare yourself for an elegant evening in this modern, stylish pie restaurant! Designed to reflect the style of LEGO Creator Expert Sets, this building allows an amazing experience, whilst also introducing a more modern element to the world of LEGO Modular buildings.

This set is made of three floors and a roof garden, which is accessible via a ladder on the top floor. Each floor has a variety of features, making the pie restaurant unique in the best of ways. The pie restaurant has six minifigures.

On the ground floor, the maître d' will guide the visiting minifigures to their seats. There are two smart tables decorated with pretty bouquets, and five more seats situated in front of an open kitchen. Additionally, there are four more tables on the next floor, one of which is able to seat four people. This floor also has an open air terrace with two smart trees. At the back of the room, there is a set of shelves, where additional food is available from. There are also two toilets located at the back of the room, which are stylish and modern. There is also a sign on the front of this floor, which says: 'Pies'.

The next floor is the restaurant owner's home. This is accessible via a side door and a flight of steps behind the restaurant itself. This dwelling contains a stylish green bed with a bedside table, a smart table with a vase of pretty flowers, a table with some mugs and a croissant, and a comfortable green sofa. The restaurant owner is a very busy man, and can usually be spotted on his swivel chair at the corner desk, using his computer, or phoning a supplier. In the mornings he drinks a cup of tea on one of his balconies - as long as it's not raining! When this happens, he looks out of  his side window, which has a window ledge. Another feature of this floor is the toilet, which is similar to the ones on the floor below. It is situated in a small room in the corner of the flat. The top of this room can be removed, in order to make this room more accessible.

Next to this little room, there is a ladder leading up to a stylish roof garden. A trapdoor opens out onto a tiled terrace, with trees and flowers creating a modern yet natural feel. At the front of the roof there is a small area, surrounded by trees, with a small bench. In the other direction, a path leads past three skylights, which fill the room below with natural light. There is also a climber growing up the fence, which surrounds the garden. At the end, there is a larger bench where the restaurant owner can sit with friends.

This modular building includes 2312 pieces, including minifigures. The pie restaurant includes six minifigures - two chefs, two visiting minifigures, one maître d', and one restaurant owner. All of the minifigures have a simple facial expression, the classic smile. This is common of most modular building LEGO sets, as is the lamppost in the street outside. 

This set is great fun to build, and to play with, making it ideal for LEGO fans of all ages!

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