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Space Speeder


Whether a space criminal needs chasing or a space ship needs rescuing, the Space Speeder is the ideal vehicle. My third project on LEGO Ideas is made up of a landing platform, a speeder, and a minifigure. With 102 pieces, this design has high playability, yet is also ideal for displays, making it ideal for LEGO fans of all ages.


The landing platform, made up of 61 bricks, has dimensions of 16x16. There is a ‘landing slot’ for the speeder, which fits in there perfectly. It has red lights to guide the speeder safely down at night. The speeder itself has 35 bricks, and slots perfectly into the landing platform. The minifigure has white legs, and his torso is red with a jacket featuring the classic space logo. He wears a white helmet with a transparent red visor.


I hope you like this little project, and I hope you agree that it is perfect for LEGO fans of all ages!  Support and follow the Space Speeder if you want to see this made into an official LEGO product!


Thanks everyone!



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