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Star Wars: Geonosis Arena


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This is my Lego Idea for the Geonosis Execution Arena (Petranaki Arena) seen towards of the end of Star Wars, Episode 2: Attack of the Clones. It has never been fully featured as a set before ,(only seen in backgrounds of already released sets), and I think and always have thought that it should of been one since it's a very important action packed moment in the film.

The main feature of the set of course are the arena beasts which are released from pens through metal portcullis gates to go and execute Anakin Skywalker, Obi-One Kenobi and Padmé Amidala. The beasts cosist of: the Acklay, The Nexu and the Reek which have also not appeared in physical official lego form along with the arena.

The Acklay and Nexu feature a lot of moving parts. The reek can move it's tail, swivel it's neck and move its legs.

Ive always hoped for this set to come to light and I know many other's which would want it aswell. Maybe this is it.


Playability includes a opening gate and a collapsing pillar which is held up by one stud. If this model is passed onto developing stage I'm guessing the pillar could have a more advanced "exploding effect" and perhaps a sliding porticullis.

Personal Priority Checklist for Potential Product

Acklay: I have based most of my designing time getting the Acklay right after many version I'm happy with the overall natural structure.

Nexu: Made it very fast but I think it's quite complex and so I think it deserves at least a third spot.

Reek: Needs some work but what good are two without all three?

The Pillar: I'ts the starting position of the characters from when the creatures enter the scene so I feel that it is a must have.

Keep in mind there were four in the film but I feel for a set there should be no more than 3 unless if the Arena walls are removed.

The Arena: Makes a nice semi circle like set to go with the characters. Is quite important if it's going to be  a fairly large set.

Our Three Heroes: So they can be there to fight against the creatures. They are not New minifigures since they were released with the gunship set and so are at the near bottom of the list.

Possible expansions if the set needs to be bigger: People in the balcony such as Count Dooku, the Seperatists, Jango and Boba maybe also Mace Windu for when he arrives to confront Dooku.

Battle Droids, Geonosians, possible another arena wall segment.

Lastly. Thank you for taking the time to look at my project.