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Modernized Small Town Train Station


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Hello everyone and welcome to my 3rd project here on Lego Ideas.

This time it's a modernized small town train station.

I've kept the building in three basic colors (dark red, black and light bluish grey) and the sidewalk and platform in dark bluish grey.
To make it more esthetic, most of the studs are covered with tiles. Also I used lots of silver metallic parts to refine the details.
There are two train lanes, seperated by 8 studs.

The building itself is modular, so you can remove the three roof parts and the upper floor to reach into the rooms.
There is a ticket shop, a café and a snack shop. The upper floor is basically the controll room.

The complete station is build on four 32x32, four 32x16 and one 16x16 reddish brown baseplates.

I wanted to give the train station an oldschoolish look, but mordernized with modern windows, clocks, lights, computers and ticket machines.

I hope you all like it.

Please check out my other train projects as well. Thank you.^^

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