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The Polar Express


Full Steam ahead

Have your tickets ready, because the Polar Express will be arriving soon.


Time to continue the art

I plan on continuing my project I started from the last Polar Express model. For those who don't remember, it was recreating the original artwork from the book in lego form. 3 photos were made before the project expired, but my hope is to finish the rest of the book by christmas. These pictures can be viewed below.


300 Supporters!

Thank you all for your support and comments on this project! We are making headway towards the next goal of 1,000 supporters, but there is still a ways to go. As a special project to help gain additional support, I am continuing my work on recreating the classic photos from the book into lego form. My hope is to have the entire portfolio finished by December. Until, then I hope enjoy this video made by Jimbricked which shows the constrcution of the model.


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