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Working turnstile

One of the working things besides the chairlift is the turnstile.
Making a video of that is rather difficult, since my fingers would obscure almost the whole thing.
So, I kept it at an animation ;-)


Less 'build' more 'set'

I got several comments like "It's a nice build, but would it be a nice set?"
I've tried to improve that. The mountain is replaced by a motor station underneath the top wheel and the lower station floor plate has been replaced with a smaller (less square) plate.

Furthermore, I've tried to make the rest more subtle also:
  • The bases of the wheel are now round.
  • The big horizontal bars under the wheels are no longer needed.
  • The vertical wheels have been replaced with three smaller wheels in a row.
  • The towers have been replaced by a somewhat more organic structure.
  • The safety bars can now be lifted.
  • An alert light signals that the lift is in operation.

I hope you like it!


Great Ball Contraption!

Again, thank you all for supporting this!

Besides transporting minifigs, the chairlift is capable of transporting balls.
Enjoy my chairlift converted to a working GBC.


Fun with Bricklink Studio

Since this project is my first attempt to use Bricklink studio, I've been experimenting a bit with the rendering options (which I like a lot).

I hope you like this video of the Chairlift being (dis)assembled!


Added Mountain and Winter Decoration

Thank you all for supporting this!

When I started this ideas project, I already had some ideas for updating.
However, that didn't include what most comments hinted at.
Two comments stood out: "Mountain", and "Winter village".

So, I focused on that. I added a mountain, and a winter themed version.

In order to keep the number of bricks within limits - the mountain is rather 'brick hungry',
I reduced the number of chairs. Besides reducing the brick count directly, it also reduces the
required height for the mountain (the cable needs a certain angle to connect to the smaller wheels).

Total brick count is now 2140 pieces.
The use of the mountain is optional.
The mountain station can still be put on any elevated surface.

Switching between the summer and the winter themes means replacing decorative parts only.
Well, that is, if you consider the minifig torsos decorative parts. They might disagree ;-)

To automate the chair lift, simply connect a motor to the free axle going through the bottom of the mountain station (it's red in the picture below). Switching between automated and manual control (only needed if a motor is connected) is done by removing the middle (idler) gear (also red in the picture) in the mountain station.

Besides these changes, I also strengthened the stations holding the big wheels, as well as the connection between those stations and the bases. The liftarms going through the bases are now connected to the bottom plate (see picture). This prevents the stations to wobble when manually operating the lift.