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CATAN - The Game


Behind the scenes: The cross-section

In case you wondered, there comes the inside information you have been waiting for: The making of the cross-section. The disc is connected to the technic piece (57585) using a long hose (85526) cut into short pieces (it's the hose TLG is cutting officially as well):


Beware of the robber!

The robber can become handy when you are short in supply. Then again not if you just prepared a big building initiative. Anyhow if you play the robber intentionally at leas three times, you'll earn the "largest army". Similar when you have at least five uninterrupted roads in a row, you'll earn the "longest road". Instead of the cards in the original game I propose trophies!

Here you see them along with a new designed robber figure:


Grap your resources

On Catan it is all about getting resources so you can build your settlements and cities. In the original game those are cards. But how do you build cards out of LEGO bricks? I decided not to. So here comes my idea: Why not using small tokens identifiable by their colour? Yes you will want to hide them before the eyes of your opponents. But that's a thing for another update. So, what do you think?


Roll for land!

One topic that needs to be adressed when translating the CATAN board game into the LEGO universe is how to set up the board before you play: With the card board landscape tiles you are supposed to shuffle them upside down and than spread them randomly to set up your island. With 3D-versions it's not so easy, to have them shuffled upside down. Therefore I introduce a colour die with six colours for six different landscape tiles (being the dessert the sixth one). Now you can just roll the die and let it pick the next tile to be placed.


Ideas in the virtual wild: Interview with Beyond the Brick

I had the honor of being interviewed by Joshua from Beyond the Brick:

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