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Island Treehouse


The Island Treehouse evokes the spirit of adventure while featuring a sparkling ocean, a mysterious cave, a rickety paddle boat, and a meticulously-decorated canopy treehouse. The beach around the corner, the three-color tiled roof, and the efflorescence of the jungle plants are details that make this project pop. The finished set stands 16-inches tall, and the seemless transition upward-- from the cliff wall to the tree to the house-- make this project fascinating to build and magical to view. It will speak to those who love pirates, hidden passageways, seascapes, islands, mysteries, treasures, colorful trinkets, and hide-outs. This set could spark a hundred story lines and become the getaway hut for minifigure outlaws, pirates, seamen, fishermen, explorers, botanists, or wildlife enthuasiasts.

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