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Toronto, Canada Architecture


1 Year Update

Thank you to all the nearly 2000 people that have voted for this set. Let’s make it 5000! Please share with all your friends, loved ones or anyone that loves architecture, Lego, or Toronto. Together we can make this a reality.

I have taken all your advice and have changed the set a bit. Firstly, I have made the CN Tower taller, more in line with the sizing of the New York, Lego Architecture set. It’s more detailed and more accurate. I have created the ability to build an “OPEN” Rogers Centre or a “CLOSED” Rogers Centre (depending on the weather) and have illustrated a few designs that can be printed on the Lego pieces to give more detail. The First Canadian building is taller and now has an overhang, the Royal York has front signage and City Hall now has detailed curved windows.

Thanks for all your input and support!




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