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Doctor Who TARDIS (no stickers)

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Travel through space and time in Doctor Who's famous TARDIS.

Featuring the tenth Doctor making his way through the big ball of wibbly wobbly... time-y wimey... stuff, equipped with his trusty sonic screwdriver.

Who will be his companion on this adventure?

This model has detail added with Lego pieces, no cheesy stickers here.
The best scale with minifigures. (Boxes with a 6x6 base look too big, and 6 bricks high is too tall; boxes with a 4x4 base appear to be too small.)

Possible improvements or variations:

- Companions (Rose and Mickey) will be added and more pictures soon.
- The 1x4 tiles along the top should be printed with the "POLICE PUBLIC CALL BOX" signs.
- This model would be more accurate in dark blue, however some parts are not available in that color.
- More than one version of this could be produced with some variation, such as the shade of blue, each including a different Doctor.
- Because this is based on a license, any included minifig(s) would be flesh colored instead of yellow. This face works great for ten, and should have an alternate face wearing 3D glasses.

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