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Disney Pixar's "Up" Characters


This is a scaled, porportioned moc of some of the characters from Disney Pixar "Up". Included is Mr. Fredrickson (the main character, old man in movie), Russell (a wilderness exporer who tries to assist the elderly [Mr. Fredrickson] so he can become a senior wilderness explorer), Dug (the overwieght golden retriever who accompanies Mr. Fredrickson and Russel), Kevin (the bird/snipe who Charles Muntz is after), Charles Muntz (has the catch phrase is 'Adventure is out there!' and is after 'Kevin' to prove its existance), and Alpha,  (the Doberman Pinscher that Charles Muntz owns). If you enjoyed the moc please support it so it can become an actual set. Also if you want to provide constructive feedback please do! I'm always open to ideas on how to improve my mocs!

To finish this off: "Adventure is out there!"

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