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Grand Central Terminal


Check out my time lapse video of the build!

Grand Central Terminal is a commuter and subway terminal and station located at 42nd Street and Park Avenue in midtown Manhattan, New York City.  It serves MTA's Metro-North Railroad, as well as the 4,5,6,7,and S subway lines. 

The history of Grand Central is filled with interesting stories and long lost buildings, but this project focuses on the current building.  Built in 1903-13 from a design collaboration by Reed & Stern and Warren & Wetmore architects (collectively called "Associated Architects"), this majestic terminus is an engineering marvel and a grand monument to the Golden Age of the American railroad. 

This LEGO replica model consists of 2,928 pieces, measuring 40 studs wide x 36 studs deep x 15 1/3 bricks tall (12.6" x 11.3" x 5.8", 320mm x 288mm x 147mm).  Features include:

-Removable copper roof, with astronomical ceiling mural in pearl gold underneath
-Highly detailed main concourse, with stairways connecting exterior and interior levels, central information booth & brass clock, ticket windows, escalator, and more!
-Fully glazed openings at three facades
-Pearl gold storefronts and entrance doors at ground level
-Eagle statue overlooking the main entrance
-Flat silver Cornelius Vanderbilt statue on pedestal
-Eight (8) below-grade tracks at the north facade, visible on exterior of model
-Removable back cover panel to reveal further detailing of the interior
-Decorated sculpture ("Glory of Commerce") on the south facade, featuring printed clock tile
-Rooftop mechanical equipment in splendid detail
-8 taxis, 2 police cars, and 4 commuter trains to make your scene spring to life!

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