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Williams F1: Ayrton Senna/Alain Prost


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Hello everyone.

I present to you the Formula One Williams Fw15C and Fw16. Both (real, not these ones) cars were designed by Adrian Newey, the current designer at Red Bull Racing.

The Fw15C was the Williams car for the 1993 racing season, and was driven by 4-time World Champion Alain Prost and his teammate Damon Hill. The Fw15C was one of the most technologically advanced F1 cars of its time.

The Fw16 was the 1994 season car, and in this year Prost was replaced by his biggest rival, Ayrton Senna, a 3-time World Champion and one of the greatest racing drivers of all time. The Fw16 was not as good as the Fw15C (at least in the beginning), and is famous for being the car that Senna was killed in when he crashed in a race in Italy that year.

So here, I've built the Fw15C, with an Alain Prost minifigure, and I've also built the Fw16 with an Ayrton Senna minifigure. Both models are very similar, since the real cars were just different year models of essentially the same car. Both feature steering wheels, air intakes, and rear brake lights.

In the future I will try to make updates with proper minifigure designs and decals on the cars.

So that's it. Please support and share to get this piece of racing history as a real set!

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