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Williams F1: Ayrton Senna/Alain Prost


Monza Grand Prix

Hello everyone,
The Monza Grand Prix first practice session just finished, with the race happening on Sunday. Williams is looking surprisingly strong here, a perfect opportunity to support this product idea :D


Senna's Birthday

Today (March 21) is Ayrton Senna's birthday (he would have been 63), and also today the lead actor for a Netflix series about his life was announced today. Maybe it's a sign you should support this project? Hahaha


200 Supporters!

Thanks, everyone, for getting this to 200! Let's hit 1000 next!


Minifigure update sneak peek

I am working on updating the minifigure prints to be more accurate to the real suits (having previously used generic Lego Octan racing suits). This is how Ayrton Senna's prints are currently going:

Front view:

Back view:

Once I complete both and render, I will release a new update, and eventually change the cover photos (after I make decals for the cars too).

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