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Giant Tiger Prawn


Penaeus Monodon, commonly known as the Giant Tiger Prawn, is found in oceans (and on dinner plates) around the world. I was inspired to design and build this model when I picked up a minifig microphone part and though it looked like a prawn's eye.

This design came together over a few days. Once I had received all of the parts and built the model, I designed the display stand so that it could easily be removed and held to extend the tail.

I designed the prawn in dark tan with dark blue stripes to try and get as close as possible to the true colours of the Giant Tiger Prawn. I also built a version in orange and bright light orange to represent the cooked version.

The whole model contains 494 pieces, with the prawn itself built from 413.  With stand the model is 165mm long, 120mm tall and 50mm wide. With tail extended, the prawn is 350mm long.

I believe this model would make a great set as a display piece or desk toy. Holding the prawn and curling the tail in and out is extremely satisfying.

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