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Greek Village


The Greek Village is a completely imaginary construction but its spirit comes from the beautiful island of Santorini in Greece. It is built on a steep cliff falling straight into the Aegean Sea and has very irregular square houses with blue doors and blue windows. It feels like the sun never leaves this place.

The idea to build it came from the “Lego architecture” set as it is full of white bricks: now bring together several arks, walls, pillars and a maze of staircases and the final ingredient to add here is the blue touch. The initial version was much smaller, and it grew to accommodate a few (micro) features: a sailboat, a harbor going underground, a temple in ruins and a fountain. It is purposefully only bicolor in its spirit.

Made of about 1000 Lego bricks, the Greek Village could be a decorative set for those who like architecture and dream of travelling the world!

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