Product Idea


The phoenix is one of the oldest and most magnificent creatures from both Eastern and Western mythology. It symbolises rebirth and renewal, and is associated with fire and the sun. There are numerous references to the phoenix mythology throughout the ages, from the ancient Greeks to William Shakespeare.

In modern popular culture, the phoenix appears or is referenced in Avatar: the Last Airbender; Power Rangers, X-men, and Terry Pratchett's Carpe Jugulum to name just a few examples. Perhaps most prominently, Fawkes the phoenix is the hero of the Chamber of Secrets and saviour of Harry Potter in JK Rowling's Harry Potter series.

I built this phoenix model to have realistic, moving mechanical wings and is, in my opinion, an impressive display piece, being elaborately tiled and brightly coloured. The phoenix features some use of LEGO elements that I hope people will find interesting - particularly the jewel/tyre eyes, and the beak at 45° to the head blocks. The parts used in the phoenix are all available in the colours shown.
A .io file can be provided to LEGO for assessment on request.