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Monster Fighters - The Creatures Lagoon

This is a new take on the Monster Fighters series, mabe a new Monster Fighters set ? :) I'm a big fan of these sets and have collected them all. This set is the first of 3 new sets I have designed, the other two is The Phantom's Catacomb and The Molemen Cave. they can all be connected together (as shown in the last pictures) and have hinges to allow multiple configurations. The best feature wich is the glow in the dark colors is unfortunally not showing in the pictures All the parts that are ghostly green colors is glow in the dark, this include many body panels on the submarine, headlights on the sunken car, the creatures head and claws, some weapons on the weapons rack and the octopus. The set consists of 357 parts wich can reduced, but I wanted to have a few decorative items to give it a rich inviroment. In this set you'll get 3 minifigures with accesories, a submarine, a play area with hinges and a secret treasure (moonstone) and interior with weapons and a small bottom piece for transforming the inviroment, and a waterjet.

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