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Steam Locomotive

Trains have always been a key component in the LEGO offering. I remember them from my own youth and from when my own kids were young. And they are still around. In most cases the LEGO trains are contemporary models. With an exception of course for the black locomotive that was also used to celebrate 40 years of trains.

I believe something is missing. A set of classic train models to complement the more modern line up. Therefore, this model of a turn of the 20th century classic: the Steam locomotive.

The train has many details and a color scheme that makes it a bit more attractive than the typical black. 
With matching tender to carry the coal. 
To be used in your LEGO city, or, if you prefer, as an ornament on one of your bookshelves. 

It was an enjoying build to get to a close match of one of those historic steam monsters that connected our cities in the past. I hope you enjoy it too and will help me make this a model LEGO will add to its assortment. 


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