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Old Hill Train Tunnel



The entrance arches are now a mix of different greys, with black studs in between, trying to replicate natural stonework and mortar! Thanks to everyone who has supported the project!


February edit is now live

Thanks again to all supporters of the project!


Careful of the rockslide!

I thought I would add a video showing the rockslide in action - pulling the tab on the left of the tunnel sends a rockslide into the tunnel, with boulders bouncing everywhere! Trains and explorers take care! :)


Vintage semaphore signal

The main project shows the signal in front of the tunnel as it was when Old Hill Train Tunnel was finally closed down. Here (using the same base) is my idea for the original semaphore signal when the tunnel was first in operation.
Do supporters prefer this version, or the more modern signal shown in the main project? Any feedback in the comments very welcome!


Updated beams and entranceways

Ahead of the next official edit, I wanted to preview the latest ‘work in progress’ showing:
  • the final curved beams at the back of the tunnel, made possible now I have some reddish brown 37352 curved slopes for where the hinge intersects the middle beam;
  • the date plaques above the entranceways;
  • a new layer of masonry bricks behind the outer arch for a more ‘built’ look; and
  • a removable ‘bricked-up’ panel that can be put up in either tunnel entrance when not connected to a route.

I hope this is of interest - wishing everyone well on their own projects!


‘End of Line’ barrier

I thought it would be interesting to show the ‘End of Line’ barrier that I made to go in front of the tunnel entrance, but ultimately didn’t include….

I didn’t want the set to look too cluttered, particularly now there is the tunnel sign and signal next to the entrance. But if you think differently, let me know in the comments :)


January edit is now live!

The minifigures have been hard at work over the holidays, and the tunnel has had its plants tended to, its waterfall and pathways re-landscaped, and there is also a new tunnel sign and signal at the entrance. Thanks to everyone who has supported so far! :)


100 supporters and counting!

Thanks to everyone who has supported Old Hill Train Tunnel, and got the project past the first milestone! An edit is planned shortly with more foliage, improved landscaping, some colour changes for better contrast with the rails and the tunnel’s new resident snake!


New figure arriving soon (resident snake)!

Coming soon to Old Hill Train Tunnel!

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