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NASA Space Launch System and Mobile Launcher


Major Design Update 8/2017!

Last week NASA announced the removal of the 'racing stripes' on the SLS's Boosters. They have been replaced with photogrammetry markings. Because of this I wanted to update the Boosters on my LEGO design but also incorporate a few ideas I have had in the works for a few weeks. Shown below is the updated designs for the Block 1 and BLock 1B SLS LEGO rockets. The Block 1 incorporates a design for the new paint scheme on the Boosters but also incorporates a new LEGO design on the feed line and Intertank located on the Core. I've played with that location numerous times but finally came up with a look that really completes it. Also I've added Larger Access Tunnels on the Interim Cryogenic Propulsion Stage (I'm not sure if this was just a a graphics thing or a new addition - might get removed later)
The Block 1B incorporates all of the Block 1 updates (Boosters, Intertank, etc.) along with a LEGO redesign of the Interstage that pictured has the Block 1B Crew Upper Stage attached.This new Interstage can also attach the Block 1B Cargo Upper Stage and the Block 2 Upper Stages.
I really hope everyone likes the new upgrades!


1500! Thank you!

Wow we hit 1500 supporters over the weekend! Still a ways to go but thank you to all of the supporters of the Lego SLS!




Meet the team!

I promised my fellow co-workers that if we hit 1000 supporters I would add mini figures to the set based on real engineers (one got a promotion to Astronaut) and I wanted to keep my word.

Thanks for all the support guys!




Wow! We broke the 1000 supporter milestone!

Thank you so much everyone and please keeping telling your friends and supporting the SLS Lego. 10,000 is a long way away but so was 1,000 when we started...Let's keep it going!



We hit 900+ supporters over the holiday!

We here at Lego mission control took a few days off during the holiday and apparently missed the broadcast that we broke the 900+ supporter mark! If we can get this over 1000 supporters we will land another time time extension! WOW SO CLOSE! Thanks to everyone supporting the Lego SLS project! Please tell your friends and help get the word out!


We hit 7... wait... 800 Supporters!

We apparently had a signal delay from the Red Planet and I found out yesterday that we hit 800 Supporters! Keep it going!

We are getting this close to the 1000 supporter extension!



The Lego SLS in the Newspaper!

I promise to not let the headline go to my head!

You can read the full story at!



We Hit 600!

Let's keep it going! Thank You to Everyone That Has Supported the Project!

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