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A Flat


a Flat

We have many great Lego Creator Expert Modular Buildings, but no house has a complete apartment. Either the bed or the toilet is missing. So, here is my complete apartment.

the Building

The building has 1289 pieces, 3 floors and offers everything you need to live.

On the first floor is a kitchen with cupboards, a ofen and a hotplate to cook your favorite food. Next to the kitchen is a table with two chairs. In front of the house is a sidewalk with a latern and a flowerbed.

On the second floor is a toilet with sink and a shower. At the back of the house is a balcony with railing.

On the third floor is a bedroom with a bed, two cupboards and a fireplace. On the floor is a nice tile pattern. On the roof is a chimney and a lightning rod.

The house itself consists of indicated bricks and many windows.

The set contains 2 minifigures. A man who works as a pilot and a woman.


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