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The Icecream Shop


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The Icecream Shop

The building has 2183 pieces and consists of 3 floors. In the ground floor there is an ice cream parlour with a counter and five tabels. Behind the counter there are two ice cream machines and cupboards. 

In the first floor is a detailed kitchen with a oven, a stove, a cupboard and a sink. Next to the kitchen is a dining room and a balcony. With a spiral staircase you get in the second floor. There is abedroom with a bed and a cupboard. There is also a bathroom with a toilette and a sink. The faced consists of 1x2 tiles and much windows. Over the balcony is an big ice cream cone. The pavement have a pattern, a latern and a tree.           

The ice cream parlour is a mudular building and fits to other mudular buildings. 

  • The Building has 3 floors
  • It has a icecream shop and a flat
  • It is 25cm long and 25 cm wide                          


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