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The Sewing Workshop


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Welcome to the sewing workshop, famous from its beginnings in 1825, raised on a European-style building of the same era.

In the workshop you can find everything. Sewing machines, threads, patterns, scissors, irons, fabrics and a highly qualified staff.

It is a small love letter to this trade, historically the textile industry is known for fashions and consumption. That is why the project is focused on those who make every garment every day, patron designers, weavers, and other figures of the textile world.

Our characters are:

Mery: Woman with scissors
David: Man with Iron
Fred: Man with briefcase
Anna: Woman with glasses and skirt
Robert: Man with beard
Lisa: Woman with scarf

Hope you like this building built diagonally, I have enjoyed designing it, I hope you can enjoy building it, for that I encourage you to support the project. Thank you. :)

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