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Crimson Titan


The Universities of Auburn, Texas A&M, and LSU have come together to form an evil syndicate bent on annihilating the Alabama Crimson Tide. So Coach Nick Saban and the University of Alabama have partnered up with the world's leading robotics experts to create the most advanced fighting machines to combat the evil forces of the Rival Syndicate!

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you, the one, the only:

Crimson Titan!

Total pieces used: 564


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For the blank square on the chest, I plan to include a sticker sheet so Crimson Tide fans can place their favorite jersey number on the square.

And I think that the outlines of the numbers should be the same color as the square. That way, it would be easy to see which number you want to use, and the outline will blend in with the square.

These are Football Grenades. Bombs made to look like footballs. And the antenna transmits the Crimson Titan's location so Coach Nick Saban will know where it is at all times so he can coordinate attack formations similar to football plays.

And for added realism, the Crimson Titan even has football cleats.

And this is the pilot. I also plan to include a jersey number sticker sheet for the pilot.

And the face is just a placeholder.

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