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Parisian Subway

Welcome to RATP users.

There it is the parisian underground subway which I take practically every day.
RATP stand for "Régie Autonome des Transports Parisiens", in english : Parisian Autonomous Transport Authority, equivalent of the London Underground or the New York MTA, or ever authority which manage a transit system.
This subway model is based on the MF67 : MF stand for "Métro Ferré" : Rail Subway. This subway has been launch in 1967/1968.
This model was the most representative of the parisian underground transit for 50 years with the MF77, MF88 or the MP73, (MP for "Métro Pneumatique" : pneumatic version of the subway). Now they are replaced by newer version : MP89, MF01 and the last one, the MP14 which enters service in 2020/2021.

This emblematic subway will be great in a lego set!

I'm building a part of a subway station, with this item the set will be complete. Stay Tunned!

I used Lego Bricklink Studio for the subway and Part Designer for the logo of the RATP.
It took 710 parts (without the station which is coming).

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