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GZ Indoor Ski Resort

This is the second largest indoor ski resort in the world.
And the design was inspired by a physical building. It was built in Guangzhou, China. It is a subtropical monsoon city with a long history. A businessman has built the world's second largest indoor ski resort. There is no snow in the vicinity, which is why it is so loved by the locals. It contains five ski runs and a recreational slide. From the front, it is a complete building, but when you turn it upside down, you can see the structure inside. I restored almost every structure in the real building. It even has a mini KFC! You can feel the internal structure as you put it together. It can be given as a gift to your skiing friends or become a decoration!

430 pieces

Height: 8.6cm/3.4 inches
Length: 18.3cm/7.2 inches
Width: 13.5cm/5.3 inches

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