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Singin´ in the Rain


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One of the most famous and best musicals that has been produced "Singin' in the rain".

Starring Gene Kelly Debbie Reynolds and Donald O'connor and directed by the same Gene Kelly and Stanley Donen, who tried to reflect the glare, speed and madness of the 20s, in the United States.

The film, which was released in 1952 at the Radio Music City Hall in New York, marked a true milestone, this type of musical film was a rage during the period of transition from silent to sound films, so they decided to focus their story in those times, in which the new "talking" stars replaced the others, who had great difficulties to join the spoken cinema, due to their vocal incapacity.

The set contains three scenes from the movie and is compatible with the official modular buildings:


1-Exteriors: "Singin' in the rain"

2-Ground floor (Dance classroom): "Moses supposes"

3-First floor (Backstage): "Make 'Em Laugh"

+Our minifigures:

-Gene Kelly as "Don Lockwood"

-Debbie Reynolds as "Kathy Selden"

-Donald O'connor as "Cosmo Brown"


A small piece of cinema, a small part of all of us that makes cinema great.

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