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Newton´s Paradigms


A man who hardly needs a presentation because we already know him

all for his great discoveries that opened the way to many other scientists

of his time and later. Isaac Newton, a genius, thanks to him today

we know more about gravity and light.

In this set we see that moment in which Newton receives the fall

of an apple from the tree.

On the other hand I have not been able to ignore the light spectrum

that Newton brought us all, and we can break it down into the colors

that make up the light.

thanks to a simple mechanism, we can throw the apple on Newton head

to see if something occurs to him about gravity.

The surface can rotate the tree 360 degrees.

The set includes an apple tree with a revolving base, a Newton minifigure

and a prism with support.


It is a simple summary without great technicalities, I just wanted a fun

and friendly set.

Thank you very much for your support.


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