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History Museum


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Welcome to the History Museum:

Here you can learn a lot from the past, and meet characters and works that are important to this day.

You will find the tomb of Anubis, the Discobolus of Myron, the Sunflowers of Van Gogh, The Fabergé Egg and many

other works and artifacts without forgetting the pendant chandelier.

It is a modular building with 3 floors fully compatible with the official Lego buildings.
The idea includes:


-Museum Director



-Security guard

-History teacher

-Student photographer

-Female tourist

+ It also includes a transport cart, a photography tripod and a couple of secret artifacts.

A vessel (reminiscent of the limestone of the covenant) and a table of malignant power

(winking at the movie "A Night in the Museum”)


* IMPORTANT: The little story is a wink to the movie "A Night in the Museum",but it does not represent

the whole idea, it is adapted.

I just hope you like this idea. Thank you very much for your time and dedication.

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