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Modular Film Studio


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Welcome to the film studios, here the activity is continuous,

every day your movies and TV series are shot.

The staff is prepared for any requirement of the script, only you can organize

it in the best way.

Do you want to be a great Producer, Cameraman, Make-up artist, Actress, Illuminator?


Here you will shoot all your films thanks to the green Chroma technology

that revolutionized the world of cinema. In the same way you can also set up your set

with small sets built by yourself.

A kitchen is included here since the "super brothers" series is now being shot


You will learn about the technology and the cinematographic staff thanks to

all the elements that the studio includes:






-Advisory Assistant

-Director of photography

-Camera grips

-Steady cam

-Head operator

-Sound technician


-Security guard


It also includes many lighting elements, a dressing room, and a stroller

to move around the studios.


Currently the project contains 3000 pieces. Made on baseplate 48x48 and

3 baseplate 8x16, it is compatible with official modular buildings


I hope you like the idea, any part of a modular is worthy of being a mini

set to be used in shooting. It is of simple construction, since the studios

are basically four walls, I added the concept of cinematographic film on

the facade and the letters so that it was not an empty wall.



Thanks a lot for your support!

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