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Neffix Flagship

The pride of the Galactic Congregation Navy, the Neffix Flagship. Dreamt up by Alexander Hugh before he became an Admiral for the GCN, his drawings were shared with his friend Jaco Kardizé of Alandra Schematics, who then had the blueprints drawn up for this craft. In the ende, and on a gamble, the first Neffix Battlecruiser was made, sold to the GCN and renamed the Neffix Flagship. Today, these annihilators are armed with four dual-barreled cannons, four single-cannons and one fix-mounted type-2 railgun, as the Neffix Flagships were meant to lead from the front lines of galactic defense.

The Neffix Flagships also come with the ability to stock three Wasp Fighters on board. The double-decked engines allow the craft to move just as fast as the Visier Battleship.

*LDD Images purley for size comparison.

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