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History Museum


7000 supersupporters!

THANK YOU! we are already 7000, we have little to reach the goal, we only miss u! Brick on!! 


Optional Version 3.0

First of all thanks to all the supporters, now we have more than 6200 votes. Really apreciatted! ....Here the new changes, less pieces, new front door design and glow in the dark white colour for the Lacoon. New render mode. Have a great 2019


Version 2.0

Roof and color roof, walls. 


New roof and pics.

Yes i think the same, we need to see the interiors.Hi!! reading some comments i decide to change the roof. this is the first images but i will try to render it in a few days.

And about number of pieces:

Version 1.0: 3400 pieces

Version 1.1: 3455 pieces

Thank u very much for you support. ;)