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Maximum Security Prison


Created this prison to add some distinct color to modular buildings. The theme has a lot of playability and potential. 

In this two floor setup a fully functional prison was designed to fit on a 32x32 base panel. 

The ground floor provides space for the prisoners to be outside in the yard, to play basketball, get strong on the weight bench or just chill in the corner with the rest of the inmates. 

Inside on the ground floor there is a kitchen where the chef cooks for the inmates and guards, a canteen, and a medical care room. The guards safely keep their firearms in the armory. 

Going up on the stairs you find the prison cells on the first floor. Each inmate entitled for a bed, toilet, and small sink with running water. There is a phone booth for inmates to call their loved ones. 

The guards have their watch tower to keep order and watch for inmates try to escape. A spiral staircase leads to the top.

The prison bus can transfer up to six inmates at one time.

The build is a modular one, allowing to remove the rooftop of the prison, the first floor, the top part of the watchtower, and the roof of the bus.

New inmates just arrived… if you want to keep the prison operational please hit support!

Please share with friends and family to get their support too.

Total number of bricks: 3000 (yes I aimed for that) 

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