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The Dock


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This modular build of an authentic dock was inspired by the Old Fishing Store set. It’s unique combination of being a dock and containing a restaurant is a great piece for kids to play with and for adults to collect. Also it would be a good companion set for for all ships, beach, or any water related sets and MOCs. 

After all the great feedback, this is my improved model with lot of small changes and a great addition, a fishing boat.

The model was built in studio. The pictures rendered in blender and edited in GIMP. Altogether contains 1809 pieces.

It’s basically a 3 floor model, with the level of water, the dock and restaurant and the upper view deck. However I kept only the upper deck removable to preserve the stability of the dock level, still keeping the water level visible and accessible.

The fishing boat makes it complete set on it's own.

It includes 6 minifigure

  • The old fisherman

  • The skating waitress

  • The guitar player dude

  • The kid with the balloon

  • The scuba diver

  • The captain of the boat (who is also a fisherman)

The rest of the details you can explore on the pics, you will find a lot of details if you look closer.

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