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Mount Gelai Garratt

¡Train Driver to the train!

 I present a replica of the Garratt 59 series steam locomotives that were manufactured in 1954 by order of the African railway operator East African Railways (E.A.R). Its main task was the transport of goods!

Did you know that a total of 34 locomotives of this class were given registration plates between 5901 and 5934? In addition, they all received nicknames from mountains and mountain ranges in Africa! I was inspired by 5918 Mount Gelai.

The design was made in 2019 and just now I have decided to share it with all of you. This beauty is designed to equip you with functional elements and make you travel far away!
It consists in two main tandems, which turn each tandem, each tandem is build by three others,, one fixed and two mobiles.
I hope you like the detachable cockpit, the controls and the boiler. Don’t miss the coal!

I have been fan of LEGO pieces and trains since I was youngling, I leave it here for you community, family, friends as decide if you want to see it on the shelves and how not at home!

L 69,5 cm.
W 7,5 cm.
It has been a pleasure to share something made by myself and i can only say thank you.

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