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Toyota Supra MK IV


Update 1.3 - 1,500 and much more to come!!

Thanks to all of you who have supported this build. Its received multiple write-up’s and praise from Craig Lieberman himself!! Plenty of refinement has come along with this build and the plane is to soon produce it for real in bricks. Changes in this update include:

- Revised trunk layout

- roof mounting improved

- Instructions Available 

Yep, that last one is in bold for a reason! Hit the link below to get the Supra instructions as well as many more builds below. And once again, thank you all for the support!!!!




1,100 and a few friends

Firstly, thank you for over 1,000 supports! A lot of refinement has been done on the Supra in that time and newly revised instructions are available at the rebrickable link below! The 2Fast 2Furious GT-R will be on here shortly for supporting as well, but for now here are a few changes that have occurred on the Supra:

- Rear Bumper and Underbody structure simplified

- Engine bay detail increased with additional parts

- Rear Spoiler has refined mounting style

- Underbody exhaust is now in 3rd refinement stage


Once again thank you for all the support on this build so far! I look forward to updating this build some more and hopefully getting my hands on some bricks to build it for real!


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Many Thanks

    David Mennie


First 500 and Build Update 1.1

Firstly thank you very much to the first 500 supports which have occurred in such a short time, it means a great deal to a builder who’s been around for a long time. A lot of people have asked for specific details of the build and also for added pictures of certain aspects. So, lets get started…



Full send on the 2JZ which lives under the bonnet. This is as close as you can get when it comes to trying to replicate what is under the bonnet of the real car using real Lego parts, more chrome would have been closer but I feel this engine bay has enough shine and glare to blind onlookers. Updates and tweaks are set to occur throughout the build with all of them to be documented as the car progresses in completion. Other updates and tweaks include:

- Revised turbo style and location

- New colour additions to interior space

- integration of full exhaust system is currently being trialed

- Livery and decals have been modified to match the rear car closer



A full parts list and LDD instruction file is available on my Rebrickable site along with a large quantity of other builds, including both the NFS BMW M3 E46 GTR and the Polestar 1 K.S. Edition. The link for this page is right here!


Other builds which may appear on here can be found both across my MOCpages account (when the webpage chooses to work) and on my Instagram account @_dm_designs_au_ . A lot of build brekdowns and walkaround occur on there so please check it out and even feel free to throw us a follow! 

Many Thanks


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