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Toyota Supra MK IV


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2JZ Baby! The A80 Supra (Or MK IV if you wish to say that) is an undeniable JDM icon from the 90’s. With legendary street cred, timeless looks, undeniable style, and of course a 2JZ Engine. 

Coming back from the success of the Mk III, the MK IV Supra got a 6-speed manual, reduced weight and a host of refinements and tweaks over quality and design aspects of the older Supra’s. After the popularity of the official Lego dodge charger, it made sense for this build to go ahead and see about producing another legendary movie vehicle in Lego form!

L: 245.2mm        W: 115mm        H: 89.6mm

This Lego version helps retain the legendary status with a host of special famous orange mods. Opening doors showcase the now two seater coupe interior with roll cage and Nitrous Bottles.  While an opening bonnet helps to showcase the legendary 2JZ engine with big single turbo action and a hefty amount of piping.

Of course the exterior is certainly able to draw the attention of any movie fan, and yes all bricks seen in this build are in fact real registered Lego bricks (no fake orange bricks in this build chaps!!)

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