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Portal 2: Test Chamber Creator


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Hello and welcome back to the Aperture Science computer-aided enrichment center. I've invited you to test my newest project, the LEGO Portal 2: Test chamber creator set.

About the project:

I created this project as a way to ensure that after 10+ years of testing, the Portal franchise won't be forgotten any time soon as one of the best game franchises of the last decade. I designed this set using programs like and Adobe Photoshop, along with PartDesigner to create the custom printed pieces. The Aperture science facility and test chambers are known and loved by many people and fans around the world which is why I believe that it would make for an excellent Lego IDEAS set.

This set features a new highly advanced modular tile system with which you can easily design your very own Test Chambers. This set consists of over 1300 pieces and includes the following:


  • Chell
  • Wheatley
  • P body
  • Atlas
  • 2x Turrets

Test chamber tiles:

  • 6x Light Grey tiles (8x8)
  • 3x Overgrown tiles (8x8)
  • 3x Light Grey tiles (4x4)
  • 6x Dark Grey tiles (4x4)
  • 2x Observation Windows (8x8)
  • 1x Heavy Duty Super-colliding Super Button (8x8)
  • 1x Elevated Platform (8x8)
  • 1x Button tile (4x4)
  • 3x Orange power line tiles (4x4)
  • 3x Blue power line tiles (4x4)
  • 1x Faith Plate (4x8)
  • 2x Deadly Goo (4x8)
  • 0x Escapes

Structure pieces:

  • 9x Long structure connectors
  • 4x Short structure connectors
  • 3x Structure pillars (3x3)
  • 54x Technic pins


  • 1x Portal Gun
  • 2x Portals (Orange & Blue)
  • 1x Test Chamber sign
  • 1x Cube Dropper
  • 1x Companion Cube
  • 1x Clock
  • 1x Laser field (3x6)
  • 1x Cake


Functionality has always been a priority in my projects to allow for playability and most importantly, fun. Although the Portals can't interact with the minifigures, the other equipment can.

  • The Dropper can hold and drop Companion Cubes to allow for even more immersion during testing.
  • The aerial faith plate can be manually activated to launch the subjects into the air.
  • The elevated platform can be tilted in different directions to create more diverse Chambers.

"A total of 10.000 tests need to be completed before this can become an official set! It's free to support, so hit the "support" button."

I thank you for your cooperation during the testing and support of the project. You are always welcome to give feedback, rate the project, or to ask a question. If we work together we can turn this project into an official LEGO set... for science, you monster.

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