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Hi Kai

Hello LEGOminds,

Last week I had a little event at PlayToday, the LEGO shop in Gouda. It was extremely busy because of a  tourists event in the city. It was fun to join and meet people from Italy, France, Germany, Spain, even Israel and the cheeseheads from Holland.
And guess wo bumped in?
a Very BIG Kai. He says he loves Anatomini and told me you should all support Anatomini or else...


WOW Top 10

Hello LEGOminds.

Very proud to announce that Anatomini has entered The Top 10 of LEGO Ideas most supported projects.
Certainly not an easy task I can say by now. In the first 10 days on ideas, Anatomini got 1000 supports. In the first 3 weeks 2000.

I decided to create a brick built version and started a promotion campaign in real life and on soial media. At his 1st birthday he gained over 6500 votes. At this time of writing he is over 7100 and entered the Top 10.

So a he had a quick start, slowed down a bit, almost had a flatliner,  got some CPR  at 5000 (THANKS), recovered and goes steady now. Me and some friends do our best to keep him alive with our little first aid media skills. See where we are!
This is such a fun, learning and rewarding experience so far. It is great to be at LEGO events and to see people's smile when investigating Anatomini, priceless!

So what's in it till 10K: After the Holidays I release some interesting improvements and do some events.
Thank you all. The both weird and educative Anatomini will get there (with your help)!

Anatomini at LEGO Technic lessons that I voluntary give at my daughter's school. FUN and informative


So sweet!

Hello LEGOminds,

My little one went to a birthday party at a bakery. She made this Anatomini cupcake. The bakery was across the LEGO shop where Anatomini stays. So luckily we could take this photo. Meanwhile I am still working on updates.


Happy Birthday Anatomini!

Today, Anatomini is on LEGO ideas for one year and has already +6855 votes.
And what a year it was. He evolved from LDD to 3D, to Virtual Reality and a brick built concept model.
Evolution never stops, so lots of updates are planned for next year.
Last year was very busy with promotional activities. He has been to 6 LEGO events, an exhibition in an anatomy museum and a permanent exhibition in a LEGO store. Meanwhile he did several photoshoots for Animal Day, Halloween, Christmas and Valentines Day. Next to the original serious pics, new fun 3D pics were made. He even got a Brickheadz version on LEGO Ideas. Last but not least, he tested his educational abilities by teaching biology to over 300 pupils. Please share him with your friends with this link:


mini Anatomini

Hi LEGOminds,
Anatomini now has a little Brickheadz brother: mini Anatomini
You can find him here:
After a pause (due to family/health issues) I will restart my promotional activities from now on.
So you are not finished with me and Anatomini yet!

Have fun at LEGO Ideas. Best regards, Stephanix


Anatomini at charity event for cancer research

Last weekend Anatomini made his appearance at Bricks 4 Alpe D’HuZes.
A charity organization for cancer research.
Although it was summer in Holland I met a lot of interesting people at my triangular stand.
Side1: Anatomini and some of my older LEGO ideas.
Side2: LEGO Ideas sets that hit the shops the past years.
Side3: some of my trains and buildings from Gouda I borrowed.
Meanwhile I am working on some improvements. Be patient LEGOminds!



6000 NOW, 1000 supports in 10 days

The LEGO Ideas Team decided to celebrate that Anatomini is halfway to 10K. This resulted in 1000 extra supports. a BIG thank you to the Team and all the supporters! I realized that I never posted a plain detailed photo of Anatomini. He was always in 3D or in a funny setting. So herewith some pics of just Anatomini. Meanwhile I am still working on updates and promotion activities. So stay tuned, there is lots to come.



½ way to 10K, what a ride!

5000 votes already. Anatomini is happy and wants to thank everyone for their support. Only 5000 to go 10.000 (sarcasm). Lots of enthusiasm from doctors, teachers and LEGO fans who see the educational value and originality.
So please vote and even better share to get that weird yet educational Anatomini to 10K.
To celebrate that Anatomini is
½-way I made these pics of the ½-built minifig. Please share!



Anatomini in a video by Bananenbuurman

Last week Antomini was on a big LEGO exhibitionin Goes. And guess who popped up in front of me with his camera? BananenBuurman! He made a great video in which Anatomini appears.
BananenBuurman is a Dutch LEGO vlogger who produces fun, yet professional videos about LEGO.  


Valentine's day



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