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Farewell and Thank YOU

Hello LEGO minds,

My way to thank you for your support on Anatomini.
Shuffle the word Anatomini, you get Animation.

Enjoy watching, enjoy building, enjoy LEGO Ideas!



Evolution: Anatomini 2.0

Hello LEGOminds,

Evolution has taken place!
I am proud to present to you the birth of Anatomini 2.0.
More playable, therefore more educational, more posable and stronger.
A complete overhaul without visual changes. Except for his new haircut.
Enjoy the animation of probably the most elaborate update on LEGO ideas ever.
Below the video some takes from the animation to take a closer look.






A new base

Hi LEGOminds,

The most complex machine in the world deserves a pedestal. Which machine? You!
You are that machine! A super computer that is equipped with the most powerful video card ever. Supported by a powerful, agile mechanism with 700 servos. 100 billion sensors keep an eye on everything. A power plant and chemical plant connected by 100,000 kilometers of piping with just one pump to keep it running. That deserves a statue.

The base looks the same, but the interior is filled with a Technic mechanism. Instead of picking up the minifig shell to reveal his inside, you just have to turn the little wheel. It is a simple and therefore reliable mechanism. The hardest part was to keep the toothbars inside the base when it slides. That is solved by an extra pair of gears.




2018 Recap and a glimpse of 2019

Hello LEGO minds,

I wish you a healthy, happy and creative new year.
2018 was a wonderful year for Anatomini. He grew from 4372 to exactly 9000
You can read all about the promotional activites and improvements in this the updates section. I want to share the special ones:
-The design video of Anatomini
-Having a special appearance at LEGO World and being guest speaker
-Teaching at school with Anatomini to over 500 pupils
-Started voluntary technic lessons with LEGO Technic

So what’s up for 2019:
-Cool playability and educational updates

-Technical updates
-Design updates
-Ideas to show the endless possibilities of Anatomini
All accompanied by even cooler animations.
Next to all the technical design work in the background I will keep on promoting on events.

Getting close with less than 1000 supports, I can’t wait to see the moment he reaches 10K and what will happen next.


Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Season's Greetings

Anatomini is in a Christmas mood. Merry Christmas to you!

I made this display for the Playtoday LEGO Shop in Gouda. The home base of Anatomini.
For LEGO World I made a special base with light in the floor. I used this base to build an ice skate ring around Anatomini. It was fun to make and looks great in the shop. Lot's of parts of Winter Village sets were used. And some ideas of my own like: the christmas sweater, scarf, lot's of minifigs, snow and 2 Santas flying around Anatomini. Well check for yourself:



Anatomini at LEGO World

Hi LEGOminds,

Anatomini is now on LEGO World in Utrecht, The Netherlands.
The biggest LEGO event in the world. I Have been there for 4 days and will be there the next 3 days to spread the word of LEGO Ideas in general and of course Anatomini. It is so rewarding to be there. To speak to the people and to hear and feel their enthusiasm gives me a boost of energy for the next 2000 votes.

I was even invited to do guest presentation to the AFOL community about my rollercoaster ride: The way to 10K. I felt honored and surprised to do that since I am new to them and still on that way to 10K. I gave them tips and tricks,do’s and don’ts to make it a bit easier for them.

Today I did a quick live video at the event on my facebook


In the background you can see it was very busy


Anatomini has a classic smiley face now


Me presenting the way to 10K to the Dutch AFOL community. Giving tips and tricks and my failures :-)

Just some of the things I did during the promotion campaign






Mini Anatomini in real

Hello LEGOminds,

I build a real mini Anatomini. For fun and to take to promotion events for the BIG Anatomini.
For those who don't know mini Anatomini, you go here:

Meanwhile I am working hard on the preparations for the LEGO World event in The Netherlands (18 oct-24 oct)




LEGO surgery

Okay LEGO minds, this update is a bit of topic. Or not? Let me explain a bit: We have this great LEGO shop in Gouda (PlayToday) where Anatomini has a permanent exhibition.
At the door, there is always a brick built maxi figure. For the past months, it is Emma. These maxi figures are always glued.
Emma broke her arm and has a fractured wrist. As a LEGO doctor, I could not stand it, to see her in such agony. So, I proposed to use my anatomy skills to fix her. There was already prove that glue alone was not enough to stabilize her. This needed more medial challenging measures.
Like with real complex surgery I decided to drill tunnels in her bones and put in titanium splints. In this case LEGO Technic cross axles which were covered in glue. The ideas is to create more contact surface for the glue. This did the job and she now stands more proudly than ever at the door to welcome the customers.

p.s. Luckily Anatomini is not glued, if he breaks you can look forward to some nice build time

1) Sad Emma

2) Preparing for surgery

3) Fractures are marked to get the right position

4) 8 mm tunnels are drilled in both parts

5) Splints were tested and placed in the tunnel with glue

6) Happy Emma

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