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Anatomini: Human anatomy captured in the iconic LEGO Minifigure

By 2019 humans will be outnumbered by LEGO Minifigs. Yet we don’t know much about the little yellow fellow.
Until now…

Anatomini has, like humans, an anatomically correct skeleton with its main organs and blood vessels captured in a 10:1 scale minifigure body. All built with standard LEGO bricks.
The skeleton can smoothly be revealed by sliding the outer body parts to the left and right.

What is the most incredible machine in the world? It is closer than you think: it’s you!
Ever wondered how this machine works by only adding fast food, soda drinks and polluted air?
Imagine YOU, each teacher and doctor has Anatomini on his desk: Biology will not be boring or scary anymore.
So don’t hesitate to share Anatomini and let’s go viral (to keep it in biology terms).

The build
Just like the design of your own body, Anatomini has evolved into a complex being. With its 2128 bricks it will be a challenging build. Next to that it will also be a fun and learning experience about yourself.
A variety of techniques is used to bring him or her to live. The skeleton is mainly made of Technic bricks to bare the weight and to protect the delicate organs which are made of smaller bricks and hoses. The sarcophagus is made of solid bricks to make it stand by itself, but also has interesting techniques in the head, arms and back of the pants.

Anatomini has a high educational value. It’s fully posable, while organs can easily be removed and placed back for learning purposes. It’s anatomically correct with the bones and main organs in the right spot, in the right size.

What you can do?
Do you like Anatomini? Let’s make it a reality! You can help us by going viral and vote.  
If you have any questions or suggestions, please leave them at the comment part and I’ll answer each of them individually. Come back on a regular basis to follow updates and developments. I might even bring Anatomini alive in real bricks!

Thanks for your vote and brick on.

Stephan Niks

Note: No Minifigs were harmed during research!

Brick count and size
The set can be divided in 5 parts, all with its own building techniques:
The base  -  188 bricks  -  large bricks and plates  -  33,6 x 25,6 cm
Two outer body parts  -  1125 bricks  -  large primary coloured bricks  -  43,2 cm high (excl. plate)
The skeleton  -  441 bricks  -  mainly white technic elements
The organs  -  364 bricks  -  small colourful bricks
Two minifigs  -  10 bricks          
Total:  2128 bricks

All in it’s right size and place:
Skeleton: all main bones, skull, joints and spine
Brain: brain centre, left hemisphere, right hemisphere (both easily removable to have access to the brain centre)
Ears: cohlea
Eyes: iris, eyeball, optic nerves, optic chiasma (=crossing of the nerves)
Blood and oxygen circulation: trachea, lungs, heart, aorta, main vein and bifurcations
Digestive system (top down): esophagus, spline, stomach, liver, pancreas, gallbladder, small intestines, appendix, colon and urine bladder

Posable body parts
Head, jaw, tongue, eyes, arms, hands, fingers
The Anatomini skeleton is fixed on the baseplate by two red pins and stands by itself.
By removing the red pins at the hip and knees even the legs can bend.

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