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Anatomini at school

Today, Anatomini and I taught 300 pupils aged 4-12 at the King Willem Alexander School in Waddinxveen. I did 8 sessions of 15-30 minutes depending on age. It was a very rewarding experience: enthusiasm and interest by all ages. Of course Anatomini was the star of the show, but there was also a Powerpoint, 3D animation and Virtual Reality. #LEGOIdeasInTheWild



Anatomini congratulates you all!

Anatomini congratulates you all with today's 60th anniversary of the one and only incredible LEGO Brick.


Happy New Year

Best wishes from Anatomini. Enjoy this video.
2017: in less half a year +4360 supports. Will 2018 be Anatomini's 10K year?
It's up to youLEGO fans, doctor s and teachers: So share, share, share
I allready did a lot of fun updates in 2017 and won't stop in 2018:-)



Merry Christmas, Season's Greetings

Merry Christmas to you all!

Who is that, strolling down a winter's street?

Is it Anatomini searching for a place to stay in the cold cold night?

Finally he finds himself some warmth under a cosy tree.

Want him under your tree next year? Simply support and share



My lucky day

I was on a LEGO exhibition this weekend.
This must be my lucky day: I met a rainbow unicorn!

Had a great time in Venray. Meeting a lot of nice people!


Anatomini at school

Anatomini was asked to  teach at the Prinses Juliana School in Gouda
Anatomini and I taught biology in 3 classes to kids in the age 8-10.
It was fun and educational for both the kids, myself and the teachers.



Elaborate design movie on Anatomini

Hello LEGO minds,

Finally an elaborate movie on the design of Anatomini. Featuring Anatomini in real and animations to explain the design process of Anatomini.Did you know that the minifigure celebrates its 40th anniversary in 2018. Would be great to have Anatomini on your shelf, so lets support, like & share.

Enjoy, feel free to comment on Ideas or Youtube, Instagram or Twitter



Meeting a half goddess in the wild: Alatariel

Hello LEGO Minds,

Heading for 4000!  Extremely proud and happy with the lovely comments here on Ideas and in the wild.
Speaking of #LEGOIdeasInTheWild. Last weekend I was promoting Anatomini in the cool LEGO shop in Gouda.
And who did I met? Alatariel, the fan designer of both “Research Institute” and “The Big Bang Theory!”
And in the race to 10K with “I am Amelia Earhart”. BIG WOOOW.
Coincidence? Yes! She was born in Gouda, but lives in Sweden and was on a family visit.
Below the photo there is funny story.

A young woman was inspecting Anatomini very thoroughly and I saw her smile and the twinkle in her eyes. To the woman next to me I said: ”It is great to see how people look at the project”. Then she proudly said: “That’s my daughter”.
So I asked the daughter: ”Do you like it?” She said: “I really love it, this is great”.
That’s the moment I start my pitch with: ”Do you know LEGO Ideas?”
Surprisingly she said: ”Yes, two of my ideas hit the shelves of the shops”. 
I stuttered: “you are, you are, you are…” “Ellen” she said. Alatariel.
We spoke about LEGO Ideas for an hour and had a great time. Thank you Ellen.

The message: Doing exhibitions is big fun. You never know who you going to meet and what
connections or advice you get. By the way: A month before I met an other half god: RobenAnne
of “The old Fishing Store”. A really nice guy, but that’s a different story…


Brick or treat!

Happy halloween everybody and every skeleton,

Why so serious? Anatomini is not only about education!
Anatomini wants to have fun once in a while.

loads of pictures on Instagram #stephanix3D #anatomini


Anatomini @Corpus human body Experience

Today Anatomini was invited by Corpus in Ogstgeest, The Netherlands

CORPUS lets you experience a spectacular ‘journey through the human body’ showing al aspects of anatomy. So Anatomini felt directly at home. There was a special event by (strong bones) to make people aware of the importance to keep their bones healthy. This was a great venue to show Anatomini to a non-LEGO public. Needles to say that everyone in the Netherlands knows or has LEGO, but people were surprised to see a LEGO skeleton.

The building has a human shape

The organizers of

Anatomini and me


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