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Maracana Lego Architecture


New project!

I have uploaded a new project to lego ideas: The arena das dunks. I have come to the conclusion that the Lego maracana will not each 100 supporters before expiring. Thank you all for your support! Please have a look at the other project to support that one too!

Thank you, 



Please support!

Hello everybody! This project is having almost no success on lego ideas. I need your help! If you want this set to become the next lego ideas set, PLEASE support. If you have already done that, please spread the word! I really appreciate all your supports! Soon, I hope to be submitting another project to lego ideas...


New Roof for Maracana

In this update, I've updated the roof to have a bigger hole, which is more like the real Maracana. Please support this, because we are lagging behind on our supporters. If you want to see this become a real lego set, please pitch in!

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