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Retro Scooter


I would like to introduce to you all

The Retro Scooter

I came up with the idea as it was a friends birthday and they are currently refurbishing an old scooter, I thought it would make a great gift.

This model is based on scooters from the 70s, with the likes of lambretta and Vespa in mind, as far as i know Lego has not released a scooter, I think it would complement the likes of the creator series such as the Mini Cooper.

The model took around 2 days to create, starting with a smaller scale then working my way up,The set itself consists of around 200 parts, size of the model is around 1/12, I think a scooter like this would appeal to all ages and would make a great Lego set.

I thank you for the opportunity to show my idea and would appreciate any comments on how to improve the model, with a little help everyone could own

The Retro Scooter








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