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Castle of Brickwood Forest

Welcome to the Castle of Brickwood Forest !

This castle is a new version of my previous submission that reached the 10000 supporters.

This time the castle comes with a drawbridge. 

It has 3000 parts.
There are 10 minifigures included : some soldiers for the black falcons and the lion knights, a maiden and of course a forestmen. 
There are 4 animals, some birds, a pair of rabbits, a cat and a spider.

The castle opens up on both sides for full access inside. 
There is a spiral staircase, a prison, a weapon room, a place for storage, a throne room, 2 chambers both with a bed.

Next to the tree is a secret entrance that gives access to a cave with a treasure.
The black falcons have a war chariot packed with provisions and weapons for their siege. They also have a ladder. 

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PS : please check out my city fountain idea if you haven't already !!!

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