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Boeing 247


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When you see a plane take off or land you see the landing gear go inside the plane, well the Boeing 247 was the fist plane to have gear retracts, but it didn't have flaps. This is my LEGO Boeing 247, this project started back when I wanted to build a civilian aircraft that was small, I also wanted a Boeing plane too, I didn't have enough pieces for a small 737, but then I looked back further in time to some of Boeing's earlier models, I found this the 247 it was perfect! This model has a full interior with the 10 seats, a small door, a cockpit ,a galley and a tiny bathroom, the real plane had all of it. This model also has the gear retracts in the engines. Even know this model isn't that big it still has two main parts, the wing and fuselage. This is a great LEGO set to those people who like older planes and smaller models, this model is also fairly easy to build and has probably around... 247 pieces!